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The Enjoyment and Health Benefits of a Swim Pond

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Swim ponds, also known as recreational (rec) ponds, are a natural alternative to swimming pools. This type of water feature artistry is the largest in size, with waterfalls and a wetland filtration system where layers of varied-size gravel and aquatic plants remove impurities and sediment instead of chlorine or salt.

This eco-friendly oasis provides year-round beauty and enjoyment with less maintenance than a traditional pool. Standard and even salt water pools generate chorine, a corrosive pollutant for the environment, while recreational ponds have a positive effect on the surrounding environment, especially in areas where other bodies of water have been eliminated by development.

Wetland Filters for Swimming Ponds

A healthier alternative to a pool!

Pools utilize chorine or salt, which eventually turns to chlorine. Chlorine blurs and irritates the eyes and there is also a strong odor. According to an article on www.lovetoknow.com, chlorine can produce skin rashes like eczema. It can also exacerbate skin conditions like seborrhea, acne and psoriasis. In addition, several studies have shown chlorine can contribute to:

  • Bladder cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Bowel difficulties
  • Malignant melanoma

These are reasons studies recommend limiting your time swimming in chlorinated pools. With no chemicals to add in a swim pond, there is no need to limit your swimming activity.

Recreation or Swimming ponds are also great for the environment. A new source of drinking water and clean habitat for waterfowl and amphibians enriches the neighborhood’s ecosystem. You may attract birds, tadpoles and dragonflies but the ever-moving water in the pond, courtesy of the waterfall and strategically placed jets, makes it impossible for mosquitos to breed. The welcome visitors mentioned to your pond edges and koi fish contribute to the ecosystem that helps maintain itself.

Unlike standard swimming pools that have to be drained and covered during the cold months, you can enjoy the beauty of a recreation pond year-round. That’s because you can still enjoy the view of your waterfalls. Koi will continue to provide visual appeal as well.

Recreational ponds can be a bigger initial investment than a swimming pool, but low maintenance costs, less work and no chemicals make it an economical asset.

So if you’re considering a healthier alternative to a pool without potentially harmful chemicals that dry out skin and irritate eyes, contact us today to discuss your swim pond project.

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