Pond Repair & Renovation

Keeping your pond functional and easy to maintain

Got a leaking pond or broken pump?

Hoaglandscape can make your pond problems go away!

Whatever the problem is, Hoaglandscape can repair and renovate any water feature.

Pond Liner Leak Detection

Finding a leak in a water garden is a daunting task, particularly with someone without a great deal of experience in the industry. We know how to locate and fix your leak. Hoaglandscape uses proven troubleshooting methods to narrow down the source of a leak as quickly as possible. The most likely suspects are a low edge, leaky plumbing connections, skimmer and filter leaks and improperly constructed waterfalls.

If the leak is not found in these areas, you have a hole in your stream or pond liner. We fix this problem usually with an exploratory pond cleaning, where we drain and clean your pond and can more easily detect where the source of a leak is. It may call for a simple patch which is a quick and inexpensive fix. If the hole cannot be found in your liner, rather than wasting time and your money searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack, we replace the liner. Hoaglandscape has found through years of experience that replacing the liner is less expensive and time consuming that trying to find a hole – which can take days or even weeks! A liner replacement is an efficient operation that can usually be accomplished in a day, depending on the size of the water feature.

Don’t Wait on a Pond Repair

When it comes to maintaining and servicing your water garden, Hoaglandscape can make your problems go away. As a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor – one of less than 300 in the United States – Hoaglandscape provides maintenance, installation of replacement parts and complete renovations to water features in the Charlotte, N.C., region.

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    Pond Equipment Replacement

    There are many types of pond filtration systems and pumps and we have seen just about all of them. If your filter or pump needs replacing because it is no longer doing the job, we install only the best equipment made by Aquascape. Aquascape [provide link to their website] is North America’s biggest pond kit and supplies company by far, making it the McDonald’s of the water feature industry. We refuse to install second rate equipment and that’s why we insist on using Aquascape products.

    Waterfall Repair

    Through the years our clients have come to us with all kinds of waterfall problems. An improperly designed waterfall can cause a great deal of water loss. Or maybe you have a problem with an unnatural looking waterfall that needs a facelift.

    Since 2007, we have built hundreds of waterfalls. We know how to make them natural, functional and beautiful, providing years of enjoyment.


    Many water gardens are self-made and need a professional touch to make them more beautiful and functional. Others use outdated technology such as concrete, which is guaranteed to leak in time. If you love your water feature but are displeased by its look or performance, we can provide the solution to your problem. Often unnatural looking water features are dotted by stones that area way to small. We rely on big, mossy boulders that are often machine set and guarantee a natural look.