Pond Cleaning & Maintenance

Keeping your pond ecosystem running at full efficiency

Pond Clean-Out & Inspection

Providing pond cleanouts and monthly maintenance.

It’s critical that your koi pond be cleaned once a year. Hoaglandscape will provide annual cleanouts and monthly maintenance for all water features.

Pond Cleaning

Hoaglandscape provides annual pond cleanout services and we prefer to do the work in late February and throughout March. That’s because your pond is awakening from its winter slumber. It’s critical that a cleanout is done to supercharge your pond’s ecosystem by building up beneficial bacteria that keeps the ecosystem running smoothly.

Spring is the perfect time to prepare your pond for spring and the upcoming season. A pond cleanout performed in late winter and early spring will help maintain its low maintenance and beauty, while putting the fish through far less stress than cleaning in warmer temperatures. Failure to perform and annual cleanout can result in increased maintenance, algae problems, discolored water and fish health issues.

Once you schedule your cleanout with Hoaglandscape, we put you on an annual cleaning list. If you pre-pay the price by a certain date, we offer you a 10 percent discount. In order to get a price, simply email us [contact form link] a picture of your pond and include its length x width x depth dimensions. With this, we can provide you with a free quote right over the phone.

Pond Clean-Out Details

Our pond cleanouts come with:

A 100 percent satisfaction guarantee;

A full draining, debris removal and rinsing;

Pond sludge removal;

Pressure washing of rocks and gravel;

Thinning out and of overgrown aquatic plants;

Fish health check;

Pond water quality inspection;

Lighting check (if applicable);

Pond pump inspection and cleaning;

Pond filters Inspection and cleaning;

Hiding any exposed pond liner.

Our Pond Cleaning Process

First and foremost, make sure you are on our spring cleanout list. We clean dozens of ponds each spring and if you want to make sure your pond is ready for the warm season, waiting to schedule it is NOT your best option.

We will mail you a cleanout contract if you are on our annual list. Or if you are looking for a first-time cleaning with us and email us your pond consult form, we will call you back with a price.

We will then provide you with a target date for your cleaning. On pond cleanout day, make sure to have your garden hose available and your water garden electrical outlet is turned on.

Now it’s time for Hoaglandscape to get down and dirty with your water feature! We will drain the water feature and house your fish (if you have any) in an 800-gallon, aerated container. The next step is to pressure wash the pond and its boulders, being careful not to disturb attractive moss and lichen.

Once washed down, our crew will trim back aquatic plants, check lights, re-adjust rocks and gravel if needed to hide the liner and clean all filters and pumps. When this is all finished, we will begin to refill the water feature and reintroduce the fish to the pond after applying water detoxifier. Any requested water treatment products will be left for you.

It is important to schedule your cleanout when someone is at home in order to turn the water off after it is completely full. We don’t want to charge you extra money for sitting idly by while the feature fills with water. You will also need to plug the pump back in to turn it on. We estimate your price based on the assumption someone will be there to turn the water off and plug in the pump.

Ignoring an annual pond cleanout is a recipe for unsightly water, algae and fish health issues, so get on our annual cleaning list today!

Monthly Pond Maintenance

Hoaglandscape offers monthly or quarterly maintenance services for you water features.

Some pond owners just don’t like cleaning the skimmer filter on a monthly basis or adding water treatments. If so, allow Hoaglandscape to perform maintenance duties like this for you.

Monthly maintenance packages include cleaning of all filters, inspection and cleaning of the pump, skimmer basket debris removal and disposal, trimming back of aquatic plants and deadheading blooms, applying water treatments, checking water parameters and if necessary, topping the water off.

Monthly maintenance packages start at only $175.

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