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Bringing beauty and safety to your landscaping with LED lights

LED Outdoor Lighting

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Providing Beauty and Safety
LED Outdoor Lighting

An often-overlooked element of landscape design is outdoor lighting, but it’s crucial because it provides beauty and safety. The aesthetic appeal of outdoor lighting is apparent at many homes in the Charlotte, N.C., region. It’s evident in the soft glow that highlights architectural features on a residence, as well as trees and pathways. But lighting also allows more freedom of movement at night, eliminating tripping hazards. It also provides the feeling of well-being and security from intruders as well.

Bring the light to your landscape!

LED lighting gives you two landscapes—one during the day—and one to enjoy at night! Outdoor lighting highlights a home’s best features by creating decorative effects with the elements of shadowing or highlighting entryways and illuminating paths.

LED lighting allows for more functional, living spaces around such things as patios, pools, decks or water features. Phone apps can even be used to light different zones of your landscape at different times for dramatic effects.

Hoaglandscape can quickly install LED outdoor lighting to your residence so you can enjoy its many benefits.

And there are many more benefits to LED outdoor lighting:

Electrical savings. LED lighting is low voltage and therefore comes with an electrical savings of 80 percent compared to incandescent or halogen bulbs. Bulbs come with 10-to-15-year manufacturer warranties.

Energy savings. Only five percent of the energy in an LED bulb is wasted while 95 percent is converted to actual light. That means LED lights are cooler to the touch and significantly reduces the risk of fire if debris gets on the bulb. Fluorescent bulbs are extremely hot to the touch and fires can ignite when contacted by mulch, for example.

Conversion is easy. LED bulbs can be switched into most incandescent and halogen bulb fixtures. This passes on the energy savings and there isn’t the annual hassle of replacing the bulbs. Retrofitted fixtures become more efficient and your bulbs will likely only have to be replaced every five years or so. Transformers come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Technological improvements. LED lights had a reputation for a bluish-white hue. Now LED bulbs have the natural light look of halogens.

Fewer insects. Pests often are drawn to outdoor lighting fixtures because halogen bulbs emit a UV light. LED lights do not do this. Fewer pests will make nights more enjoyable.

Durability. LEDs are not manufactured with glass, but strong materials like plastic. LEDs are more durable than halogen lighting because they stand up far better to shock, fluctuations in temperature and continuous vibration.

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