Outdoor Fountains

Low cost with big sound

Patio Ponds & Outdoor Fountains

Fountainscapes bring relaxation with affordability.

Decorative Fountain Installation

Garden fountains provide homeowners in the Charlotte, N.C., region with a unique and creative way to decorate an outdoor living space with a small investment and big return. Most people are tranquilized with the sound of running water and want it for their home, but simply aren’t ready for a bigger water garden like a pond or just can’t afford one.

Outdoor fountains provide the perfect solution for homeowners that crave the sound of water and are looking for small, affordable ways to do so. Got a spot in your landscape that you just don’t know what to do with? Perhaps it’s a shady spot where grass struggles to grow. Perhaps you want an element that draws you out into the home’s landscape. Maybe you want to see more birds and butterflies and honey bees.

Adding a fountain accomplishes these things and brings a whole new sensory experience to your landscape. A perfectly placed fountain near a patio or front porch can transform an outdoor living space into a restive respite, providing immense relaxation with the hypnotizing movement of trickling water.

A Sustainable Water Basin

Fountains utilize an AquaBasin™ reservoir that is installed into the ground, providing the source for recirculating water. There are dozens of decorative pieces to choose from, whether an urn, basalt rock, bubbling boulder or more decorative features.

But don’t think Hoaglandscape just plops a fountain in your yard and bolts. No, we have the expertise to decorative it even more with mossy boulders, blooming shrubbery or colorful perennial flowers. These elements soften the look of the feature so it looks more fitting in the existing landscape.