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Koi Ponds & Water Gardens

Too often our lives are filled with too much stress with few outlets for relief. What if you had the perfect, natural way to reduce stress and other health issues in your life? Koi ponds can help reduce stress daily and promote relaxation.

Additional benefits include:

Decreased anxiety;

Lower blood pressure;

Promoting faster recovery from strokes;

Stimulating imagination and creativity;

Koi ponds also have aesthetic appeal, a way to get rid of negativity in your life, and give personal rejuvenation provide entertainment for the entire family.

How Does a Koi Pond or Waterfall help?

The soothing sound of waterfalls are wonderful for the senses. There is nothing quite like a fish pond in a landscape built by a professional pond builder or installer. The sight of graceful, colorful koi swimming in the water provides a kaleidoscope of color that will mesmerize you. A variety of aquatic plantings give you your own piece of paradise in the Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) area. Water gardens are the perfect cure for a stressful lifestyle and give you a paradise right in your own yard.

Serving as a Focal Point to a Residential Landscape

Koi ponds provide a go-to place in the landscape. Imagine yourself on a patio or deck next to a pond. You can hear the easing sound of waterfalls and nature. You can watch vibrant koi fish splash about and enjoy their various colors. You see your aquatic plants, many that bloom with breath-taking foliage or blooms, perhaps moving to the slight breeze. And ponds are NOT a source of mosquitoes. That’s because the water is always moving.

Your pond will be THE gathering space in your landscape. Imagine relaxing by the water’s edge with your favorite drink with family and friends. You will quickly see there is no better gathering spot at your home than a water garden.

Make Your Yard a Low Maintenance Getaway

Koi ponds are low maintenance when constructed properly with solid filtration. Your filtration equipment comes with a life-time manufacturer warranty from Aquascape, North America’s leader in pond kits and supplies. Maintenance includes the need for an annual drain-and-wash pond cleaning (we perform this service), a monthly hose down of the skimmer filter and a weekly dose of Beneficial Bacteria when the water temperature is above 60 degrees. Applying the measured dose in front of the pond skimmer takes less than a minute. Beneficial Bacteria is non-toxic and safe for fish and wildlife. It helps break down excessive nutrients so your water clarity will remain crystal clear.

Ponds are ecosystems. That means they play host to a biological community of interacting organisms in a physical environment. The total interrelationship of all the organisms in the environment – birds, fish, frogs, microscopic organisms, plants and gravel bottoms, work together to provide a smooth running ecosystem. Ponds are a natural ecosystem in their defined environment, but they are a beneficial natural resource for not only your home, but your neighborhood and entire ecological region. That’s because an ecosystem pond works with Mother Nature in providing food, shelter and safety for the wildlife around it. So you can rest comfortably knowing that your pond is actually a living, breathing habitat for vulnerable amphibians like frogs – who are dying at an alarming rate globally due to loss of habitat.

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    Few pond builders have a true sense of the art of construction and creation it takes to make your pond look natural and realistic, while functioning properly. Hoaglandscape, servicing the Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) area, takes care to hand-pick boulders complete with moss and lichen for beauty and realism. We know the art of rock placement to complete a natural look. And we also know how to properly filtrate your pond so it will stay clear and be low maintenance.

    So just how does Hoaglandscape know all these things? We are a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC), and we undergo additional annual training to keep the prestigious designation. There are less than 400 CACs in the United States, and we are the only one in Gaston County. Our work was even recognized by Aquascape, Inc., when we were awarded a national “Top Frog” award in 2012, for our business practices.